Raw Trip Expense Data

This page contains day-by-day expense raw data, blocked by month, from our around-the-world drive. Click on the first image to enlarge it for easier viewing. Clicking on the enlarged image will automatically advance to the next image.

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36-Jan-1237-Feb-12 38-Mar-12 39-Apr-12 40-May-12 41-Jun-12 42-Jul-12 43-Aug-12 44-Sep-12 45-Oct-12 46-Nov-12 47-Dec-12 48-Jan-13 49-Feb-13 50-Mar-13 51-Apr-1352-May-13 53-Jun-13 54-Jul-13 55-Aug-13 56-Sep-13 57-Oct-13 58-Nov-13 59-Dec-13 60-Jan-14 61-Feb-14 62-Mar-14 63-Apr-14 64-May-14 65-Jun-14 66-Jul-14

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