Monthly Trip Costs by Category

This page contains categorical  cost summaries for each month of our around-the-world drive.

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5-jan2012 6-feb20127-mar20128-apr2012 9-may2012 10-jun2012 11-jul2012 12-aug2012 13-sep2012 14-oct2012 15-nov2012 16-dec2012 17-jan2013 18-feb2013 19-mar2013 20-apr2013 21-may2013 22-jun2013 23-jul2013 24-aug2013 25-sep201326-oct2013 27-nov2013 28-dec2013 29-jan2014 30-feb2014 31-mar2014 32-apr2014 33-may2014 34-jun2014 35-jul2014

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