About Brad & Sheena

Sheena and I met at a mountain bike race when we were in high school.  That day I asked her if she’d like to come to my house and have spaghetti with my mom and me.  Our first date, how romantic.  From then on we were attached at the hip.

We both moved to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University and lived together from the get go.  We joined the cycling team and did a lot of traveling around the United States for bike races.

In 2002 we moved together to Europe, and attended the University of Wales, Swansea.  We spent a year there, during which time we traveled extensively around Europe for the sake of exploration and bike racing.  While traveling we tended to camp a lot, mostly due to the high cost of lodging.  At a British National Championships cyclocross race, we camped in the woods next to the course.  On the way to race in a cyclocross World Cup in Germany, we mistakenly camped in a grassy courtyard within the UK’s Ministry of Defense (and were removed by the police!)  We camped in our car in downtown Dover, Oxford, Boulogne sur Mer, and in so many other places.  Perhaps these fond memories helped to subliminally coax us into our current vehicular living arrangement.

After we graduated from college we spent another 5 weeks in Europe. I bought an engagement ring in Venice and proposed to Sheena during a hike above Lake Como in the Italian Alps.  We were married the following year, and honeymooned in Costa Rica.  Our “luna de miel”.

For us, travel never seems to satisfy our urge to explore.  Instead it seems to feed the sense that there’s more to discover.

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