Oct 2016

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Brad Tries Rogue Justice


We can’t just stand by and let people get away with stuff!

Not long after Remy was born, and being late for one of his routine doctor’s appointments, we ran to the garage to get the car and on the way noticed that in the space where our beloved mountain bikes had once been locked, there existed only emptiness.

“Where in the hell are our bikes?” I half yelled, staggering, Remy under one arm as I fumbled for my keys. “Dammit, blah! Let’s deal with this later!” Remy was due for vaccinations, and the fact that several thousand dollars’ worth of bikes had been stolen by a nefarious-looking man with calloused knuckles and cauliflower ears was too much to consider. Calloused knuckles? Cauliflower ears? Well now, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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