A New Book, a Closet Audio Experiment


The short-winded story: We’ve released our second book! 927 Days of Summer is now available as a paperback and e-book! Wahoo!

But behind every short-winded story, there is a long-winded story…

It recently occurred to me that if I were not myself, but a reader of this blog, I might be wondering what Brad and Sheena did with themselves upon their return from their 927 days of wonder. Give in to Sheena’s discovered love for miniature barking deer and start a deer farm? Capitalize on Brad’s affinity for replacing wheel bearings and start a VW repair shop? No, and no. Please. It was nothing like that. There was a short period of jubilation, followed by a brief period of soul-searching and uncertainty, and then I locked myself in my mother’s closet. For thirty hours. I don’t have any idea what Sheena was doing during that time because we had separated. Temporarily! We had separated temporarily because she thought that my idea of locking myself in a closet was asinine, and she had better things to do.

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May 2015

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We made it! Our 3-day donation drive brought in ,120 for Nepal!

(For the back-story, read here >>)

And before I get nine thousand emails on the topic, I realize there’s a typo (write-o?) on the check. This is the first paper check I’ve written in 10 years, so it was bound to happen. Rest assured, there aren’t twenty dollars floating around in financial deep space.

The funds have been transferred, and Baroon departs today (Friday). To all 77 of the donors: THANK YOU! I know the concept of changing a life gets thrown about all too often these days, and it has sort of lost its significance.

“My trip down the Grand Canyon was life-changing.”

“With our new long-distance dialing plan we’re changing lives, people!”

“The White Stripes changed. My. Life.”

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